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On the value of paper
and human readable formats ... Read More ›

High resolution climate data at the Yangambi research station
a thesis by Innocent Banzi Ngulu-kulu ... Read More ›

Sister project Jungle Rhythms gets international attention
data recovery in the spotlight... Read More ›

A solar eclipse in the climate records
a surprising note among all the numbers... Read More ›

Unlocking observational data from the African Herbarium of the Botanic Garden Meise
digitizing a million samples... Read More ›

Students measure leaf traits at Meise
summer internships... Read More ›

Setting up the digitization station
and how to solve contrast issues... Read More ›

Restoring the INEAC archives at the Africa museum
You can’t find what you don’t know you have and you don’t know what you have until you make a complete inventory Read More ›

Scanning aerial photographs completed
wrapping up the digitization process... Read More ›

The importance of old aerial photography data
On espionage and image quality... Read More ›

COBECORE will contribute to ACRE and the ISPD
helping support global atmospheric re-analysis... Read More ›

Historical aerial photography
A 60 year old portrait of the Congolese forests... Read More ›

COBECORE project lead named tech-pioneer
Koen Hufkens leads in technology use... Read More ›

Aligning tables
First pre-processing steps towards transcription... Read More ›

Kick off meeting
The first formal COBECORE meeting... Read More ›

First transcription efforts
Mapping meteorological stations at the end of 1939... Read More ›

Exploring the State Archives
How preparing the COBECORE project leads to a great find... Read More ›

Data selection from flight paths
One part of the COBECORE project focusses on valorization of old aerial photography data... Read More ›

COBECORE awaiting go ahead
Although COBECORE has been accepted as to be funded, some political hurdles remain... Read More ›

COBECORE project accepted for funding
Past September (2016) we wrote the 'Congo basin eco-climatological data recovery and valorisation' or COBECORE proposal... Read More ›